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Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science
  Volume 2, Number 3, July 2015 , pages 303-328

Design, development and ground testing of hingeless elevons for MAV using piezoelectric composite actuators
D. Dwarakanathan, R. Ramkumar, S. Raja and P. Siva Subba Rao

    A design methodology is presented to develop the hingeless control surfaces for MAV using adhesively bonded Macro Fiber Composite (MFC) actuators. These actuators have got the capability to deflect the trailing edge surfaces of the wing to attain the required maneuverability, besides achieving the set aerodynamic trim condition. A scheme involving design, analysis, fabrication and testing procedure has been adopted to realize the trailing edge morphing mechanism. The stiffness distribution of the composite MAV wing is tailored such that the induced deflection by piezoelectric actuation is approximately optimized. Through ground testing, the proposed concept has been demonstrated on a typical MAV structure. Electromechanical analysis is performed to evaluate the actuator performance and subsequently aeroelastic and 2D CFD analyses are carried out to see the functional requirements of wing trailing edge surfaces to behave as elevons. Efforts have been made to obtain the performance comparison of conventional control surfaces (elevons) with morphing wing trailing edge surfaces. A significant improvement in lift to drag ratio is noticed with morphed wing configuration in comparison to conventional wing. Further, it has been shown that the morphed wing trailing edge surfaces can be deployed as elevons for aerodynamic trim applications.
Key Words
    micro air vehicle (MAV); macro fiber composite (MFC); morphing; aeroelasticity; computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
D. Dwarakanathan, R. Ramkumar, S. Raja and P. Siva Subba Rao: Dynamics and Adaptive Structures, Structural Technologies Division, CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore, India

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