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Advances in Aircraft and Spacecraft Science
  Volume 10, Number 5, September 2023 , pages 393-418

Aircraft delivery vehicle with fuzzy time window for improving search algorithm
C.C. Hung, T. Nguyễn and C.Y. Hsieh

    Drones are increasingly used in logistics delivery due to their low cost, high-speed and straight-line flight. Considering the small cargo capacity, limited endurance and other factors, this paper optimized the pickup and delivery vehicle routing problem with time windows in the mode of "truck+drone". A mixed integer programming model with the objective of minimizing transportation cost was proposed and an improved adaptive large neighborhood search algorithm is designed to solve the problem. In this algorithm, the performance of the algorithm is improved by designing various efficient destroy operators and repair operators based on the characteristics of the model and introducing a simulated annealing strategy to avoid falling into local optimum solutions. The effectiveness of the model and the algorithm is verified through the numerical experiments, and the impact of the "truck+drone" on the route cost is analyzed, the result of this study provides a decision basis for the route planning of "truck+drone" mode delivery.
Key Words
    adaptive large neighborhood search algorithm; pick-up and delivery problem with time window; vehicle routing
C.C. Hung: Faculty of National Hsin Hua Senior High School, Tainan, Taiwan
T. Nguyễn: Ha Tinh University, Dai Nai Ward, Ha Tinh City, Vietnam
C.Y. Hsieh: National Pingtung University Education School, No.4-18, Minsheng Rd., Pingtung City, Pingtung County 900391, Taiwan

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