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  Volume 1, Number 1, March 2018 , pages 143-152

Economical image stitching algorithm for portable panoramic image assistance in automotive application
Ahmet Demiryurek and Emir Kutluay

    In this study an economical image stitching algorithm for use in automotive industry is developed for retrofittable panoramic image assistance applications. The aim of this project is to develop a driving assistance system known as Panoramic Parking Assistance (PPA) which is cheap, retrofittable and compatible for every type of automobiles. PPA generates bird\'s eye view position of the vehicle. Panoramic images are wide area images that cannot be available by taking one shot, attained by stitching the overlapping areas. To achieve correct stitching many algorithms are used. This study includes some type of these algorithms and presents a simple one that is economical and practical. Firstly, the mathematical model of a wide view of angle camera is provided. Then distorted image correction is performed. Stitching is implemented by using the SIFT and SURF algorithms. It has been seen that using such algorithms requires complex image processing knowledge and implementation of high quality digital processors, which would be impracticle and costly for automobile use. Thus a simpler algorithm has been developed to decrase the complexity. The proposed algorithm uses one matching point for every couple of images and has ease of use and does not need high power processors. To show the efficiency, images coming from four distinct cameras are stitched by using the algorithm developed for the study and usability for automotive application is analyzed.
Key Words
    fisheye camera; image correction; matching points; verlapping area; image stitching
Ahmet Demiryurek: TUBITAK SAGE, Ankara, Turkey
Emir Kutluay: Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hacettepe University, 06800 Beytepe, Ankara, Turkey

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